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Evidence of Ancient Subduction and Deep Sea Sediments

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UGG

The rock complexes are evidence of subduction (collision) process between the Eurasian continental plate the Indian Ocean Plate that occurred during the Cretaceous age (>65 million years ago). In Cikepuh area can be seen the oldest rock complex in West Java which formerly came from the outermost layer of the earth's mantle on the ocean plate, the ophiolite group (peridotite, gabro, anortosit, basal lava), and deep sea sedimentary rocks.In this location is also found metamorphic rocks produced due to the collision process between the plates, namely schist, phyllite, amphibolite and serpentinite and quartzite. Mixed rocks (mélange sediments) can also be seen in the area of Mount Badak that resemble breccias of various materials which are a collection of rocks from oceanic plates and continental plates and fall into the very deep trench formed during the collisions between the plates. Thus all types of rock can be found in the melange complex, ranging from ophiolites, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks from continental plates and sedimentary rocks deposited on the trench, such as quartz- conglomerate sandstone and tuff sandstone as well sedimentary breccia and nummulites limestone.
Subduction fossils at Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark consist of several geosites which can be visited both for geotourism and for research. Geosites with the theme of subduction fossils include:
1. Gunung Badak Geosite
2. Gunung Beas Geosite
3. Sodong Parat Geosite
4. Pasir Luhur Geosite
5. Citirem Beach Geosite
6. Batu Naga Geosite
7. Legon Pandan Geosite

This beach consists of coastal sediment and boulders of volcanic and pyroclastic...

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Karang Naya Beach

Sub-distric Cikakak [A1]

This beach is composed of boulders of rock in the northern part carried by the C...

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Cimaja Beach

Sub-distric Cikakak [B3]

Citepus Beach stretches along the Citepus Highway. This beach is the most popula...

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Citepus Beach

Sub-distric Palabuhanratu [B5]

This site is a cave built by the dissolution of limestone that is currently loca...

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Lalay Cave

Sub-distric Palabuhanratu [B8]

Puncak Tugu viewing point, located on the west side of the Ciletuh amphitheater ...

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This Waterfall Is Located In The Village Of Ciemas And Very Easy, Just About 3 M...

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Cimarinjung Waterfall

Sub-distric Ciemas [F1]

waterfalls are located in the same stream from top to bottom which are Curug Nge...

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Sodong Waterfall

Sub-distric Ciemas [F2]

Located at the west end of the Gunung Badak of Mandrajaya village, Kunti island ...

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Komplek Melange Gunung Badak

Sub-distric Ciemas [D7]

Mandra Island is an island located in Ciletuh Bay, approximately 100m from the C...

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Mandra Island

Sub-distric Ciemas [D9]

Located in the Madrajaya village, and takes about 30 minutes byboat from the Cik...

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Batununggul Beach

Sub-distric Ciemas [D5]

This geosite is a complex of rocky oceanic crust that lifted to the surface and ...

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Gunung Beas Complex

Sub-distric Ciemas [E4]

This geosite is a metamorphic rock complex formed by a subduction process and ca...

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Pasir Luhur Geosite

Sub-distric Ciemas [E3]

Curug Nangsi, or also called Curug 3 in 1 (three-in-one), is a waterfall located...

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Nangsi Waterfall

Sub-distric Waluran [G3]

Pillow Lava, that is located on the Cikarang River has a unique shape like an el...

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Maung Cave and Pillow Lava

Sub-distric Waluran [G6]


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Cikaso Waterfall

Sub-distric Surade [H8]

The Cikepuh beach is located in the Mandrajaya village, and its about 45 minutes...

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Cikepuh Beach

Sub-distric Ciemas [D3]

This Waterfall Is Located In The Village Of Ciwaru, This Waterfall Is Top Part O...

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Cikanteh Waterfall

Sub-distric Ciwaru [F3]

The wall of amphitheater form elongated triangular shaped hill that can be seen ...

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View point from Mekarsakti

Sub-distric Ciemas [F4]


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River Rafting Citarik

Sub-distric Cikidang [B6]


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Tangkubanparahu Wildlife Sanctuary

Sub-distric Palabuhanratu [B7]

Curug Tengah with a height of about 15 meter, and approximately 500 meter downst...

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Curug Tengah

Sub-distric Ciemas [F6]

Tegal Pamakanan is a part of the Mount Beas ophiolite complex. The rocks in this...

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Tegal Pamakanan Ophiolite Complex

Sub-distric Ciemas [E2]


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Amphitheater Viewpoint from Cekdam

Sub-distric Ciemas [F11]

Cukcrukan Waterfalls is a narrow slit falls formed by rock erosion. The rocks in...

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Cukcrukan Waterfall

Sub-distric Waluran [G4]

Monkey Cave is a cave formed due to rock erosion and large block of rock debris ...

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Monyet Cave

Sub-distric Waluran [G5]


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Reruntuhan Dermaga Belanda

Sub-distric Ciracap [H3]

This geosite consists of lava rock outcrops with pillow structures and beautiful...

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Citirem Beach

Sub-distric Ciemas [x]