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Jampang Plateu

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UGG

The central part of the Ciletuh- Palabuhanratu Geopark exist a plateau known as the Jampang Plateau which
stretches from Simpenan, Ciemas, Waluran to Surade. This plateau is composed of sandstones and rocks resulting from ancient volcanic eruptions in the form of volcanic ash and lava flows that were deposited in the marine environment and, due to
geological processes, were raised to the surface to form a plateau. In regional physiography, this plateau is part of the Southern  Mountain belt which extends to Pangandaran.
      In the westem part of the Jampang Plateau there is a unique landscape which is called the Ciletuh amphitheater. This horseshoe-shaped landscape phenomenon is a very rare and prominent geological site, making it a geological heritage that needs to be protected. This landscape is shaped similar to a horseshoe that resembles an open-air mega amphitheater towards
Ciletuh Bay. The landscape with dimensions of about 15 x 9 km was formed due to geological processes during the Pleistocene era which caused the western part of the Jampang plateau to experience landslides into the sea. Evidence of this structural process is the existence of more than 9 waterfalls along the amphitheater walls such as Curug Awang, Cimarinjung, Sodong, Puncakmanik, and triangular facet hills on some of the amphitheater cliffs. The latest research results state that the large landslide phenomenon was probably triggered by a falling meteor in the area during the Plistocene era (Ummah et al, 2018).
Geosite which represents the theme of Jampang Plateau, among others:
1. Jampang Plateau Geosite
2. Luhur Cigangsa Waterfall Geosite
3. Leuwikenit Geosite
4. Ciletuh Amphitheater Morphology Geosite
5. Puncak Jeruk Waterfall Geosite
6. Waluran Rock Garden Geosite
7. Waluran Bunker and Columnar Joint Geosite
8. Gentong Waterfall Geosite
9. Cikarang Estuary Geosite

Loji Beach is one of the many beaches in Palabuhanratu Bay. This beach is compos...

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Loji Beach

Sub-distric Simpenan dan Ciemas [C2]

This waterfall is located in the Ciletuh River flow which is located in Mekarjay...

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Puncak Jeruk Waterfall

Sub-distric Ciemas [G9]


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This waterfalls is about 600 meters from the Tengah waterfall and still on the s...

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Puncakmanik Falls

Sub-distric Ciemas [F7]

This Waterfall Is Part Of Ciletuh River That Located In The Tamanjaya Village. A...

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Awang Falls

Sub-distric Ciemas [F5]

The Palangpang beach is located in the Ciwaru village. The beach is accessible b...

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Palangpang Beach

Sub-distric Ciemas [D1]

Karang Daeu Island, Located On The Cikalapa Beach, Girimukti Village. The Island...

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Karang Daeu Beach

Sub-distric Ciemas [D8]

Curug Gentong is a multilevel waterfall which is still in the area of the Jampan...

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Gentong Waterfall

Sub-distric Waluran [G10]

This geosite is a 100 in waterfall (328 ft.) which is evidence of geological str...

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Luhur Cigangsa Waterfall

Sub-distric Surade [H6]


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This location is geo-evidence in the form of a solitary island and the location ...

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Manuk Island

Sub-distric Ciemas [D10]

Amphitheater valley viewed from Panenjoan road on the main path of Tamanjaya vil...

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