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Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu | Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Enchanting nature Geyser Geopark Ciletuh

Geological Park or what we often call Geopark is an area that has prominent geological elements in w

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Cigangsa Waterfall, a Natural Heritage That Spoils Tourists

Already have a destination for a weekend getaway If not try taking your family on vacation to Curug

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UNESCO Global Geoparks: Discover Earth’s hidden treasures !

UNESCO Global Geoparks Discover Earthrsquos hidden treasures Ciletuh - Palabuhanratu UNESCO G

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CPUGGp Management Board Frequently Trained Its Stakeholders

The management board of Ciletuh Pelabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark CPUGGp scheduled some training f

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The Thrill of Rock Climbing at the Wall of Cimarinjung Waterfall in the Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark

Do you brave to try the sensation of rock climbing in the middle of the roaring sound of the waterfa

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Cimaja Berseri Fight Against Plastic Waste

One of our best geosites in Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark CPUGGp is Cimaja Beach Many

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The Beauty of Engravings Carved by Nature in Leuwi Kenit

Leuwi Kenit is one of the 64 geosites located in Ciletuh Pelabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark CPUGGp

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Intangible Culture Heritage Inventory for CPUGGp

Intangible Culture Heritage Inventory for CPUGGp At each of the geoparks of Unesco Global Geopark

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