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Article |     The Beauty of Engravings Carved by Nature in Leuwi Kenit

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu | Monday, 27 Mar 2023

Leuwi Kenit is one of the 64 geosites located in Ciletuh, Pelabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark (CPUGGp). This place has grown in popularity among tourists ever since it has been advertised and reported through multiple media, such as television, print media, and social media. Its popularity isn’t only due to the beautiful natural scenery, but also due to its fun attractions. Also, the location is easy to reach, since it is only 2 kilometers away from the main road and you can reach the place by car.
Fossil stones millions of years old lined up along the streams of Cikarang river, Pasirpanjang, Ciracap, Sukabumi Regent. According to geologists, these stones are over 60 million years. The unique thing about this place is there are sedimentary rocks with engraved markings that the locals thought to be ancient writings in Sanskrit carved by their ancestors. In reality, these engravings on the rocks were formed naturally. Geologists believe they were once on the bottom of the ocean and the process of subduction in tectonic evolution caused them to rise to the surface.
Other than the engraved rocks, generally tourists are interested in the many attractions available such as river tubbing, canoeing, flying fox, rock climbing, and some people come to enjoy yoga out in nature. You can even jump from 5 meters high into the water if you’re looking for some thrill, accompanied by trained instructors with sufficient safety gears and tools. These activities are not only great for teenagers with high energy levels, it is also great for families to have some fun together, for office workers to blow off some steam, for community groups to tighten their bonds, for students as extracurricular activities, and all sorts of other groups of people.
Want to try the fun, relaxing, or thrilling experiences provided by this wonderful place? CPUGGp is the place to go!.