The Thrill of Rock Climbing at the Wall of Cimarinjung Waterfall in the Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark | Ciletuh Palabuhan Ratu Geopark


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Article |     The Thrill of Rock Climbing at the Wall of Cimarinjung Waterfall in the Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu | Monday, 27 Mar 2023

Do you brave to try the sensation of rock climbing in the middle of the roaring sound of the waterfall?
Rock climbing has become a more popular sport among the younger generations. The locations are also varied, from artificial trails to a natural rocky hill or canyon trails. However, this one is a bit different, climbing on the wall of the waterfall.
The Ciletuh Pelabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark (CPUGGp) has plenty of waterfalls; Cimarinjung falls among the best of the seven wonders of CPUGGp's waterfalls. Not only can you admire the waterfall scenery, but there are also several rock-climbing trails installed near the waterfall.
As you reach the location, your ears will follow the rhythm of the roar of water. Your body will feel the sensation of freshwater splashes. Your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty and greenness of the natural landscape that exposes the yellowish sand underneath and the rocky trains you will be climbing over. It's picturesque.
Time to put on your gears, and maybe a cup of coffee to energize yourself. As you start climbing, you may realize that you might have underestimated this beast due to its beauty. The rocks are almost 90 degrees and a hundred meters high, and more depending on which trail you chose, you may find it hard to get a good grip to lift yourself. But the sound of the waterfall will push you forward, reminding you why you're here. You' won't give up and keep going to put your energy to get your reward. Once you reach the top, you will forget your exhaustion. You see the rewarding view from the top, the spectacular of the Ciletuh Bay, and the beautiful Palangpang beach landscape. Congratulations, you're a winner.
The Cimarinjung falls in the center of the geopark area; it can be reached with either two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles for hours driving from the Geopark Information Center. It's an excellent place to start for beginners. There are licensed instructors ready to guide interested visitors step by step. It may not be as challenging as free climbing a canyon. Still, it will be a different experience for veteran climbers. So, do you brave enough to try?.