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Article |     Cigangsa Waterfall, a Natural Heritage That Spoils Tourists

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu | Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Already have a destination for a weekend getaway? If not, try taking your family on vacation to Curug Cigangsa. Curug Cigangsa or Curug Luhur is one of the many tourist destinations in the Ciletuh Geopark Area, Sukabumi Regency. Three-level waterfall with green views of rice fields and shady trees.

Curug Cigangsa was formed due to an earthquake which then formed a beautiful black stone wall. A unique fact about Curug Cigangsa is the naming of a tourist attraction which is said to be taken from the name of a public figure Eyang Gangsa. This tourist attraction can be said to be safe because the water discharge is not relatively small and the waterfall is not too high.

Eye-catching sights
Tourists will be presented with a view that refreshes the eye even before arriving at Curug Cigangsa. Along the way to Curug Cigangsa, tourists can enjoy views of rice fields combined with fresh air from shady trees.

Curug Cigangsa is used by the community for irrigation of rice fields so it is not surprising that tourists can see the expanse of rice fields from the top of the waterfall. The number of visitors who are still relatively small makes the atmosphere calmer so that tourists who visit not only spoil the eyes but at the same time can meditate to clear their minds.
  Masigit Stone and Leuwi Masigit.
The existence of a large stone that resembles "Masigit" or a mosque adds to the uniqueness of Curug Cigangsa. Batu Masigit is a historical site located on the third level of the waterfall. The puddle located in front of Batu Masigit became known as Leuwi Masigit.

Instagramable Attractions
Vacations are incomplete without documentation. The majestic black cliffs that are washed down by waterfalls are the best photo spots for tourists to capture the moment. Photos with the background of Curug Cigangsa are the most photo spots that can be found on Instagram social media. For those of you who like to capture moments, don't forget to capture moments with special people at Curug Cigangsa, OK?

Access and Facilities
To arrive at the Curug Cigangsa tourist destination, tourists must travel as far as 110 KM from the center of Sukabumi City to arrive at Batusuhan Village. From the location where the vehicle is parked, tourists still need to travel for about 10-20 minutes on foot. However, there is no need to worry because the fatigue due to the long journey will be paid off once tourists arrive at Curug Cigangsa.

Written by Vina Aprilia
IPB Vocational School Communication Study Program Student
Quoted from various sources.