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Kampung Batik Purwasedar

Located in Purwasedar Village, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, it is PT Bio Farma's CSR Assistance. Aliyudin Firdaus, artist and creator of Batik Pakidulan was inspired by the exoticism of natural charm, philosophy of Pakidulan community life, as well as cultural and biological diversity in the Ciletuh Geopark area. Currently, as many as more than 20 Pakidulan batik craftsmen are involved in batik making, thus creating new jobs for the sustainability of the life of the Pakidulan community. Natural Color: Pakidulan batik making uses a green process, with materials and natural batik dyes using Nano Technology, namely environmentally friendly batik coloring. Batik coloring is a formulation of roots and natural trees such as pandan leaves, teak leaves, sweet potato leaves, mahogany tree bark, turmeric, and other trees. Motive: Pakidulan Batik has 3 distinctive and mainstay motifs: 1. Motif Curug or waterfall, 2. The Panenjoan motif is an expression of upland scenery in Panenjoan Sukabumi, which consists of white clouds, lush green trees, houses and rice fields. 3. An ancient MotJampang, which is more than 65 million years old in the Ciletuhif Hujungan Geopark area, is an expression of rock scenery.


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Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020
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