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Karang Hawu Beach

Karang Hawu Beach is located in Cisolok Subdistrict, Palabuhanratu, Sukabumi Regency. Local people named Hawu for this beach , because it has hollow coral cliffs. Where the cliff has a position that jutted into the sea, making the cliffs look like a trsditional stove called “Hawu” in Sundanese. This rocky beach is composed of volcanic deposits from the Citorek Formation that formed around 5 million years ago. In addition, some people also believe that Karang Hawu Beach is one of the beaches controlled by Nti Roro Kidul who became a legend as the queen of the southern coast. In Sundanese folklore it is mentioned, Nyi Roro Kidul or Putri Lara Kadita is the favorite daughter and most loved by her father, Prabu Siliwangi. Besides being admired for her beauty, the princess is also known for being refined. The cliff at Karang Hawu Beach that jutted into the sea, is believed to be the throne of the queen of the south coast. This rocky beach consists of volcanic rocks that have a shape like a furnace (Hawu). The rock that makes up this system consists of the volcanic breccias of the Citorek formation These rocks reflect volcanic activity that occurred in the past about 5.3-1.8 million years ago (Pliocene). The uniqueness of this beach is a rock formation that has a hole that looks like a furnace or "Hawu" as the Sundanese people call it. This beach is the most popular site for tourist activities.


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