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Maung Cave and Pillow Lava

Pillow Lava, that is located on the Cikarang River has a unique shape like an ellipsoid called pillow lava structure. This is caused by the lava eruption from the submarine volcano. Based on the Geologi cal Maps of Jampang and Balekambang Sheets (Sukamto, 1975), this rock are grouped in Ciseureuh Member of Jampang Formation and formed in the Early Miocene (23-15 million years ago). Along the river is also found very large boulders of layered tuff and sandstone and so that local people call this place Stone Garden. This cave is a cave that is used by maung or tiger as a place to live. This cave is formed by a super giant rock that form a giant corridor and form a stream under the rock. Society believes the maung is still there, but in the form of unseen. Maung Cave also has the charm of giant rocks are very beautiful, and also contains elements of education, because in the Maung Cave there is also a lava pillow and waterfall complex. Maung Cave is located downstream of Monkey Cave, only about 300 m, still in one flow of Cikaran River in Village of Waluran, Waluran District, precisely in Taman Batu Waluran.


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