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Pasir Luhur Geosite

This geosite is a metamorphic rock complex formed by a subduction process and causes sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks to change under the influence of pressure and temperature. This geosite is the best outcrop for metamorphic complexes consisting of green schist, mica schist, filite and amphibolite. The rocks that make up this area are formed as a result of a subduction process that shows low medium level metamorphosis. The rocks in this geosite are estimated to have formed around 65 to 50 milion years ago (Cretaceous Period). This site is very valuable, as it is the only are where metamorphic rocks are exposed is in West Java. The best outcrops for studying these metamorphic rocks can be found along the Cikopo and Citisuk rivers. This geosite is located inside the Cikepuh Widlife reserve (picture attached).


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