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Geological Diversity Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark
West Java, Indonesia

Heritage of Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu

Geological Diversity


The potential of natural resources in west Java can not be separated from the position of Indonesia as a whole. Where geological Indonesia is located between two major continental plates and two oceanic plates that mov with one another. This geological condition produce geological ang biological diversity that vary from one place to another.

Geodiversity according to gray (2004) is defined as the range of the diversity of the diversity of (features and appearance) of the geology (rock, minerals and fossils); geomorphology (landfroms and physical processes); and soil formation; which include their assemblages, relationship, nature or properties, interpretation and systems of these fetures. It is simply define that geodiversity includes allmaterials, structures and processes that make and shape the earth.  Materials may include minerals, rock, fossils, soil and water; while the structures include folding, faults; and the landscape; as well as the relationship between rock units.While the processes includes tectonic activity, sedimentation, soil formation (weathering), volcanic activity, and others
Why do the geodiversity need to be conseved? According to Gray (2005), there are two reason why the geodiversity should be conserved. First, the geological diversity is very important and valuable in terms of various interests. Second, the current geodiversity is being threatened by various human activities. Thus, as a measure of a civilized and sadvance society, is if these people want to protect and preserve the elements of the planet that are valued and threatened.   
Geodiversity according to Gray (2005) could have a range of values that can be grouped under the following criteria: Intrinsic or Existence value, the value of which ir related of existence of natural resources without seeing the value of their utilization; Cultural Value, including folklore, archeology or history that is associated with the formation of rock or landscape, spiritual and sensation / imagination; Aesthetic Value in the form of landscape that appeal to a wide range of geotourism activities, inspiration for painting, photography; Economic value, covering the natural resources provide the beneficial aspects such as energy resources, industrial minerals, metalic minereals, gemstone, constuction minerals; Functional value includes subsurface rock as the stores of water, oil and gas; mineral resources vital to health; radioactive waste stoage area; as filter of water. Soils are vital for agriculture, viticulture, and forestry; and important source of prevent flooding; and as part of an environmental ecosystem. Sientific values, is a place to do research, education and training of earth science, history of the planet, climate change process, as well as human life.
Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu National Geopark has major concepts of conservation, the preservation of geodiversity and biodiversity need to bee guarded and managed properly so that no damage occurs. This area serves as education, training and research for the elementary, secondary and highscools, college, university and the public. Geological site in the Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark is protected under provincial level through the West Java Provincial Regulation No. 2 of 2002 on the protection on environmental Geology and Sukabumi Regency Decree No. 556 / kep.555-Disparbudpora / 2015 as Ciletuh Geopark. Most of the geological site is part of Cibanteng Nature Reserve and Cikepuh Wildlife managed by BBKSDA West Java.  Currently geological site are also being proposed as  a nature Reseerve Area of Geology (KCAG) by the Geological Agency of the Ministry of the Energy and Minerals Resources.